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Car Seat Cleaning

​The most common call out for Alpine car seat cleaning is for spilt milk, of course we can help with any spillages and stains that may occur.

Speed is of the essence with any stains and spills in an enclosed area.  


So please do get in touch at any time and we will do our best to come straight out to you.

If you are looking to sell your vehicle we are able to give the seats a real showroom grade clean.

We use only the very best professional solutions, they are non-foaming and will also protect the seats from any future mishaps.

Seats within a vehicle are normally dry within 60 minutes, they are not soaked as the equipment we use, will extract nearly all of the moisture and dirt straight back out.

Our car seat cleaning in Cardiff also extends to the carpets, so if you require a total clean of the car interior, we can help.

A typical interior car seat clean will last around 60 minutes, slightly longer for a larger vehicle such as an MPV.

The only types of interiors we do not clean are leather seats, however we can still clean all carpeted areas,

Included in the clean is the boot space, we believe in cleaning even the areas you cannot see.

Car seat in cleaning in Cardiff and South Wales is available 7 days a week, we use all of our own equipment, including vacuums, cleaning machinery, and extension cables.  


All we need is access to some warm water and electrical point.

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