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Pressure Washing

From artificial grass, to patios and walkways, our pressure washing in Cardiff will transform  your outdoor areas.

We use Karcher power washers, commercial grade cleaners that will overhaul tired looking paving, brickwork, and more.

We are experienced in the removal of staining to concrete and brickwork, moss and weeds, and most importantly, we will treat the area to ensure it doesn't come back.

The process of cleaning begins with the preparation.  We will remove all loose dirt and growth before we clean, this will ensure that we leave your property safe and clean.

We have noticed the number of customers, who have installed artificial grass is on the increase.  

The importance of maintenance with artificial grass should be a priority.  We will ensure that the grass is sanitised, odour free and if any pets have had an accident, we will ensure that all traces are removed.

We are happy to come to your property, see exactly what needs cleaning, and offer a competitive quote. 

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